CoD ELITE Updates

CoD ELITE Updates



Last update went out on Feb 28th (v. 1.2):

The latest update notes for the Call of Duty ELITE iOS and Android app released February 28th are available below:

- Added: Winter camo

- Fixed: Occasional error on load of strike packages

- Fixed: Error caused by changing strike packages on consecutive custom classes

- Fixed: Swiping another player’s career summary off the screen

- Fixed: Occasional error pushing custom classes

- Fixed: Error related to selecting specialist below level 55

- Fixed: Ability to push an invalid custom class with a perk selected more than once

- Fixed: DLC map images not displaying correctly.

- Removed: Button to view other player’s tracked challenges.

- Fixed: Level 80 to Prestige not displaying in Prestige Calculator or Career Summary.

- Fixed: Attachments, Lethals, Tacticals, and Perks listed in an incorrect order.

- Fixed: Death Streaks listed in an incorrect order

COMING SOON To Mobile Apps: 5 additional Prestige levels in Calculator; Enlistment into Operations; View amount of Double XP you have; Clan Management



Version 4.0: added Clan Operation support

Version 3.0: added support for 5 additional prestige levels, and added ELITE TV for Premium Members 




*Latest update was pushed out on MAY 1st

Notes from our latest web build pushed May 1st are available below.  Changes include:



- An updated header for the Career page which now shows clan affiliation and previous title Prestige levels

- Numerous updates to the Leaderboard Tracker including fixes for viewing another users’ playercards and a KDR display issue.


- Optimization of Clan Ops leaderboard to provide greater accuracy.


- Optimized the invite system for Clans. This corrected an issue where users would sometimes receive a bad invite that couldn’t be accepted. If you are still unable to accept a clan invite, please ask the Clan Leader to send you a new one.

- Minor update to change which emblems are displayed next to comments/feed items which addresses the issue where some sections of the site displayed the Black Ops rank emblem.

- Minor optimizations to the News Ticker which now loads faster and is more responsive.

- Updated localization for several site elements.

- Slight cleanup of emblem usage throughout the site.


New Features:

• Drop Zone – Issue 4
• DLC Support for MP maps Foundation and Sanctuary
• Updated Leaderboard Tracker design

• Improved Private Match support for non-team-based game modes in Recent Matches
• Fixed a formatting issue when displaying Hardcore matches in Recent Matches
• Corrected an issue where some heatmap kills appeared outside of the map boundaries on DLC maps
• Fixed an issue where some Tied matches would show garbled text on the Recent Matches window
• Hardcore FFA matches will now fully populate the scoreboard in Recent Matches

• Removed “Level” column from Clan Roster

• Numerous fixes to support the change to Bronze badge percentages in Clan Operations
• Clan Operations now properly appear in the List View section of the Program Guide

• Fixed an issue linking/unlinking YouTube accounts
• Updated redirect to new Support page
• Improved IE8/IE9 support


New Features:

- Drop Zone – Issue 2

- DLC Support for MP map Overwatch


- Numerous text fixes throughout the site

- Numerous performance enhancements

- MW3 Playercard is now the default landing page on login


- Recent Matches – Fixed an issue tracking headshots in FFA Matches

- Recent Matches – Fixed an issue tracking HQ Defends and bomb pickups in bomb-based game modes

- Corrected an issue where the Prestige Calculator would occasionally give incorrect estimates

- Fixed an issue that would cause some users to not show up in a player search

- Fixed a couple of IE-specific issues with the custom class editor


- Corrected an badging bug that occurs when Operations on both platforms end at the same time


- Clans – Changed the Ban Member feature into a Kick Member feature and cleared out the old banlist

- Corrected an issue where some clan leaders had difficulty saving their changes

- Corrected a bug that where some users would get a 404 when clicking on a player’s name in the clan or group roster

- Updated graphic for Max Level clans

- Fixed an error flagging content on certain Connect pages

- Support for moderating Clan MOTD


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